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Dress Code

Veterans Park Elementary School DRESS/APPEARANCE CODE 

Appropriate attire and acceptable appearance strongly correlate with school success. Veterans Park students are expected to be neatly dressed and well-groomed at all times. All clothing should make a positive impact on the VPE community and not distract from the learning environment. Other than on theme days, the following is a description of generally acceptable attire for students attending Veterans Park Elementary: 

  • pants or jeans 
  • leggings with a mid-thigh top 
  • shirt, blouse, top, or T-shirt 
  • sweater or vest in appropriate weather 
  • below the mid-thigh length shorts (should extend to the student׳s fingertips or longer) 
  • below the mid-thigh length dress or skirt (should extend to the student׳s fingertips or longer) 
  • sweatshirt, sweatpants 
  • appropriate footwear (tennis shoes are required on physical education days) 

The dress code prohibits the following: 

  • spaghetti straps or straps smaller than 2 inches wide, cropped tops, tube tops, bare backs, bare midriffs, bare shoulders, bare chests, muscle shirts 
  • torn jeans or pants
  • short shorts, cut offs, bike shorts 
  • leggings without a mid-thigh top 
  • dangling or hoop earrings that exceed 1⁄2 inch 
  •  backless shoes, flip flops, wheeled shoes 
  • hoods on head, hats or bandanas in the building - hats may be worn on Spirit/Hat day (first Friday of each month) 
  • shoes with heel height exceeding 1 1⁄2 inches
  • Make-up (lipstick, mascara, eyeshadow, foundation) 
  • Oversized character headbands
  • coats worn during the day, unless building conditions require them 
  • sunglasses 
  • miniskirts and mini dresses 
  • pants/jeans worn below the hip bones 
  • any clothing representing illegal activities for minors including drugs, alcohol, sex, gangs, or violence
  • any clothing with inappropriate and/or negative words or phrases 
  • other items considered inappropriate by the teachers or principal 

The principal and staff reserve the right to waive the dress code on special occasions which will be communicated to students/families in advance of the occasion.